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Antoine Wagner's new book Kundry

Antoine Wagner has published a book of photographs entitled Kundry. Featured on the cover of the book is a photo of a rocky outcropping. This same rock formation was the inspiration for Patrice Chereau's scenic design in his Bayreuth production of Der Ring des Nibelungen.

February Message from the Green Hill

Posted February 4, 2014

The Society gets occasional letters from the Gesellschaft der Freunde von Bayreuth and members might find the information interesting.

This communication introduces some of the cast for the upcoming new Parsifal production.

below is the PDF


PDF icon Freunde 2-2016.pdf3.98 MB

Twin Cities Ring Begins This Fall

Posted February 1, 2016

Minnesota Opera has announced that they will produce Das Rheingold as part of their 2016-17 Season. Music Director Michael Christie and Director Brian Staufenbiel (someone well known to Bay Area Audiences) are the productions creative team.

Here's a link to their website and cast information:

Bob Tuggle (1933 - 2016)

You might not know this name, but you know his work if you have ever been to the Metropolitan Opera.

Robert "Bob" Tuggle worked in the Archive Department at the Metropolitan Opera for 34 years. If you ever used the Met's on-line archive, admired paintings and portraits or costumes on display,  you have Bob Tuggle to thank.

Norman Lebrecht has written a short memorial on Bob Tuggle.

Wagnerian Valentine in Fremont

In the East Bay Area (San Francisco) a Wagnerian Valentine. Fremont Symphony offers  on Sunday, Feb. 14, 2016, the orchestra's Valentine's Day show will feature romantic music, with direction by guest conductor Jason Klein.


Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
38451 Fremont Boulevard
Fremont , California
United States
California US

Menlo Park Concert Features Flying Dutchman

Here’s a Last Minute Menlo Park Item for a big event at 4pm on Jan 31:


St. Bede's Episcopal Church
2650 Sand Hill Road
Menlo Park , California
United States
California US

The Voices of Opera - a Continuing Education Course

Speight Jenkins will teach another series of classes at Stanford in the Continuing Education Department

5 evening sessions beginning January 18th through February 15th. cost is $225

What makes the Italian tenor so special? The Russian basso? The German heroic voice? The mystique of opera is tied into the voices—tenor, soprano, baritone, mezzo-soprano, bass, and all sorts of varieties of these.

Star Wars

Posted December 17, 2015

STAR WAgneRS - forwarded by Andy Rombarkis.

try this if you were frustrated with the super long one: