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Siegfried's Lego Journey

Lego Bru.jpg

March 17, 2014

This dandy bit of animation comes to us courtesy of The Wagnerian as forwarded by Diane Parker.

It is quite possible that this may be the greatest production of the Ring Cycle ever. Here are the abriged versions of "Siegfried" and "Götterdämmerung"



Nike Wagner Speaks out . . . on Beethoven


Posted March 17, 2014

Nike Wagner, the great Granddaughter of Richard Wagner, became the new director of the Beethoven Festival in Bonn this year. Before that the 68-year old Ms. Wagner spent 10 years heading up the Weimar Art Festival.

On Talking Germany, she tells viewers about her plans for the Beethoven Festival and why Beethoven is a better ambassador for Germany than her own relative - Richard Wagner. Here is the link to the interview:

SF Opera Costume Shop Sale

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On Saturday March 22 and Sunday March 23 the San Francisco Opera Costume Shop is having a sale. For the first time in about 10 years the Costume Shop is selling off amazing costumes, shoes, hats, bags, dresses, leather jerkins, petticoats, feathers, silks, satins, cloth, buttons, jewelry, antiques, thread, ribbon all of the materials and accessories for professional costumes


SF Opera Costume Shop
800 Indiana Street
San Francisco, California
United States

Video Clips of Sofia Bulgaria Ring

Walkure Maid.png

Posted March 7 2014

Here are some clips from each of the four Ring operas being presented in Sofia Bulgaria. The production features wild costumes, many projected images and repeated inventive imagery of the ring motif throughout the operas.

These clips were forwarded by Board Member Andy Rombakis.


Semper Oper receives long awaited cleaning

Semper Opera Interior.jpg

March 7, 2014

In the first rennovation since reopening in 1989, the interior of Dresden's Semperoper is being cleaned and restored. Wear, tear, humidity and dust can deteriorate the delicate stucco and gilt work inside the famed opera house. Cleaning isn't just desireable, it is necessary in order to preserve the ornate interior.

There is not estimate available for the cost, but it is presumed to be approximately 1 million Euro.


The Myth of the Horned Helmet


Posted March 5, 2014

This one is courtesy of member Thomas Arthur. 

Did the Vikings wear horned helmets or not? It seems that the ancient Norse people used horns for noise making and for strong drink. But horns might add weight and be cumbersome if used in head gear. So it is believed that they did not wear horned helm into battle and only donned them for ceremonial occasions.


The article, the museum exhibit and the documentary hope to disspell other myths and legends.

Richard Wagner Exhibit in Vienna

Richard Wagner.jpg

Euphoria and Unease, Jewish Vienna and Richard Wagner, is the title of an exhibit at the Jüdisches Museum Wein.


Jüdisches Museum Wein Vienna

Eva Wagner-Pasquier to Retire in 2015

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Posted February 21, 2013

Eva Wagner-Pasquier, great granddaughter of Richard Wagner, will not renew her contract with the Bayreuth Festival next year. Wagner-Pasquier, who will be 70 next year, will step down as co-director of the Festival but will remain an advisor.

Eva Wagner-Pasquier did not give any reason for her decision.


Sexuality in 19th Century Opera

Posted Feburary 20, 2014

That grabbed your attention! The seminar is entitled "Carmen and the Consequences" but this is no ordinary weekend seminar/retreat. Opera at Oakhurst seminars are led Professor Simon Williams and WSNC members rave about these annual opera events.


4308 Highway 41
Oakhurst, California 93644
United States

Schwabacher Recital and Post-Recital Meet-up

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Posted February 20, 2014

This type of event wouldn't usually wind up on the WSNC Blog, but there are Wagner tie-ins*! 

Jacqueline Piccolino (soprano), Zanda Švede (mezzo-soprano), A.J. Glueckert (tenor), Rhys Lloyd Talbot (bass-baritone), Mark Morash (piano) and Noah Lindquist (piano)

Sunday, February 23rd, at 5 pm

Temple Emanu-El's Martin Meyer Sanctuary
2 Lake Street (at Arguello) in San Francisco


Temple Emanu-El
2 Lake Street
San Francisco, California
United States