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Ring Review - Das Rheingold


From Suddeutsche Zeitung July 26


A very "human" Ring with gangster Mr. Wotan, rather than a god, presiding over the proceedings.

Cut and paste the URL to translate.google.com for a very rough translation

Photo courtesy of Bayreuther Festspiele 2013

Seattle Ring Tickets - Fire Sale?

World On Fire.JPG

July 28, 2013

There is one excellent seat for sale in the Second Tier front section $440 ($110 each x 4)

Seller lists additional costs,  but that is between the seller and the purchaser.

A Wealth of Wagner on the Airwaves (or bandwidth)


The BBC Proms are presenting a full set of concert performances of The Ring. The BBC Proms will also be performing "Parsifal"  "Tristan und Isolde" and "Tannhauser."  Here are the dates of all of the Proms broadcasts on BBC Radio3:

Monday 22 July - Das Rheingold

Tuesday 23 July - Die Walkure

Friday 26 July - Siegfried

Saturday 27 July - Tristan und Isolde

Sunday 28 July - Gotterdammerung

Thursday 1 August - Tannhauser

Sunday 25 August - Parsifal

Conductor Andris Nelsons Injured in Bayreuth


Posted July 23, 2013

Conductor Andris Nelsons was injured in a freak accident during a rehearsal in Bayreuth. Nelsons collided with a door which opened unexpectedly, knocked the conductor out and he landed in the hospital with a concussion. He is expected to recover, hopefully in time for the August 2 opening night of Lohengrin.

One wonders if instead of seeing stars, Nelsons might have seen little rats.

We wish him a full and speedy resumption of his conducting schedule.

Photo courtesy of Gramophone.co.uk

Have a day to spare?

Festival Haus - Erl.jpeg

Posted July 23, 2013


The Tyroler Festival Erl has announced that in 2014, two cycles of Der Ring des Nibelungen will be performed to honor the 70th birthday of Dr. Hans Peter Haselsteiner, Festival President.

Nestled in the Alps in the Tyrol region the Tyrol Festival has just opened a beautiful new theater. This area has also welcomed Pilgrims of another sort as the site of a Passion Play similar to Oberammergau.

Cycle #1 covers two weekends July 18 and 19 and concluding July 25 and 26.


Festspielhaus Erl
Mühlgraben 56a
Erl 6343

Press Images of the 2013 Bayreuth Ring

Posted July 22, 2013

2013 Jubilee Ring images are becoming available through the Gesellschaft der Freunde von Bayreuth (The Friends of Bayreuth). They have apparently mailed materials, as yet, they have not arrived in the WSNC Mail Box.

We've come to expect the unusual from Bayreuth, however, for those of us who saw the Ring in San Francisco, these are not all that outlandish (in comparison to the Schlingensief "Rotting Rabbit" Parsifal and the Baumgarten "Tadpole" Tannhäuser).

Fantastic Wagner Jubilee Website from Deutsche Welle

Wagner Statue.jpg

Posted July 22, 2013

This terrific find comes from Andy Rombakis - Thank you Andy!

This site is packed full of interesting articles and information



Attached image is a photo of a new statue of Wagner! These are placed around Bayreuth.



2016 Bayreuth Parsifal Enfant Terrible in the News - Again

Parsifal - Quest.jpg

Posted July 21, 2013

Suddeutsche Zeitung reports that Jonathan Meese, artist, sculptor, performance artist and theatre director, is in court to defend his artistic applications of the Hitlergruß or "Hitler Salute". German Law 86a forbids the use of Nazi symbols and gestures except when used in an historic context, educational applications or in an artistic context.

The "Other" Richard in Aix en Provence

Elektra - Aix.JPG

Posted July 21, 2013

Arte.TV broadcast a live performance of Richard Strauss' Elektra from Aix en Provence recently and has made it available for on-line streaming for the next few weeks.

The production and cast are at the level of the recent, exquisite production in Chicago in 2012.

2013 Jubilee Ring Director Sounds Off


Posted July 21, 2013

Frank Castorf, the director of the 2013 Jubilee Ring at the Bayreuther Festspiele, spoke out in an interview with Spiegel Online stated, "Bayreuth ist pure DDR".

His colleagues said that when Castorf does show for rehearsals, he is late. Castorf complained that he had only 9 days to stage Das Rheingold. The Festspiele commences July 26th. The live radio transmission schedule is not available  yet on OperaCast.com, but should be up very soon.

You can read more at: