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2011 Bayreuth Festspiele Casts

Tannhäuser 2011 (new production)

Conductor     Thomas Hengelbrock

Regie            Sebastian Baumgarten

Bühnenbild    Joep von Leishout

Kostüme        Nina von Mechow

Landgraf        Gunter Groissböck (2008 Fafner – Das Rheingold - San Francisco Opera)

Tannhäuser   Lars Cleveman

Wolfram        Michael Nagy

Elizabeth       Camilla Nylund (2008 Elizabeth – Tannhäuser - San Diego Opera)

Venus           Stephanie Friede



E-Notes January 2011 - click to read more

Ok, we're back from our winter slumber and have some news and some not-so-new items-but-they-bear-repeating. 


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WSNC January, 2011 Meeting


Adrian Daub, Assistant Professor of German Studies at Stanford University

"Opera and Marriage in the works of Eugen d'Albert"


Saturday January 29th at 1:00 pm


3200 California St@ Presidio, San Francisco

Donation: $10 for non-members

Das Rheingold at the Met

Das Rheingold, the first of Wagner's "Ring" operas, opened last night in at New York's Met. Anthony Tomassini writing for the New York Times had mostly positive things to say of the product including that show's players were "as strong a lineup of vocal artists for a Wagner opera as I have heard in years."

Read the full article here.

Wagner Society of Northern California announces new website

We've redesigned our website to be easier for visitors to use. The official launch date is September 18th. We look forward to your feedback.