Fun Wagner Art

Very Small Siegfried Postcard.jpg

The Society received a great postcard from Bayreuth with very interesting artwork by the artist Klaus Häring.

Häring sent us a link to his wonderful website which you might enjoy. He is the writer/illustrator for Green Hill Toons - humorous cartoons about Bayreuth. There are postcards, comic books and other items available for sale - to add to your Wagner Collections.

Thanks to WSNC Member Ron Trauner for the postcard and to Herr Häring for the link to his site.

Winners of The 2015 Wagnerians


Posted September 1, 2015

See winners of each of the categories on video:

Remembering Nikolaus Lehnhoff with images of his work

download (4).jpeg

Posted August 30, 2015

Nikolaus Lehnhoff directed four Wagner operas which can be seen on video:  Tristan und Isolde, Tannhauser, Lohengrin, and Parsifal

Nikolaus Lehnhoff has died


It has been reported that famed director Nikolaus Lehnhoff died Saturday after a long illness at the age of 76.

Lehnhoff began his career in Bayreuth as an assistant Wieland Wagner and Karl Böhm in the 1960's. He made his directoral debut in 1972 in Paris with Strauss' Die Frau Ohne Schatten.

Analysis of the Tristan chord - audio


Posted August 26, 2015

If you have problems with the video transmission, try audio with this link:

Beyond the Score — Wagner: ‘The Tristan Effect’


Posted August 25, 2015

Watch the two hour documentary, an indepth analysis of the Tristan chord, a Chicago Symphony Orchestra Beyond the Score production, conducted by Esa-Pekka Salonen.

Bayreuth 2015

2015 Bayreuth Wreath_0.jpg

Our 2015 WSNC attendee Lisa Hirsh placed this floral offering on the ivy covered grave of Richard Wagner on behalf of the Society.


Many thanks!