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Saturday January 10, 2015

Jess Thomas Film - small.jpg

Jess Thomas "A Dream Forged Into Reality"

The Wagner Society is delighted to welcome Victor Thomas and Jess Thomas, Jr., sons of the unforgettable tenor Jess Thomas.

The Thomas brothers will present a multi-media presentation for the Society, a program which will include:


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Saturday February 7, 2015

Edison & Cylinders - small.jpg

Thomas Edison's Wagner Recordings

Believe it or not, many of the first of Thomas Edison's two minute cylinder recordings were of opera singers. Many of the first issues were oriented toward recording Wagner, in spite of the duration restrictions of the cylinders. It seems...

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Saturday March 21, 2015

Leonard Bernstein.jpg

Wagner and Bernstein: Parallels and Contrasts

Once asked how he could love Wagner, Leonard Bernstein replied, “I hate Wagner. On my knees!” Wagner and Bernstein shared extraordinary numbers of common characteristics. Both were flamboyant, controversial, and changed the face of...

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