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Fête for Ms. Eaglen at Sacramento Gala

Jane Eaglen is honored at a Gala Fundraiser for the Sacramento Opera. It's a little late to reserve - deadline was Jan 30th but you might be able to squeeze in on their cancellations list. Fabulous auction items are going on the block too.

One wonders . . . will the River City dip it's operatic toes into the Rhein any time soon with a Wagnerian offering?

Flosshilde, aka Terri

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Tickets sill available Fête for Ms. Eaglen at Sacramento Ga

[size=200][b]Grand Opera in the Grand Ballroom's Wagner-inspired menu[/b][/size]

The delicious food is one of the special experiences you have to look forward to at our signature event Grand Opera in the Grand Ballroom on February 13, 2009![size=150] TICKETS ARE STILL AVAILABLE 916.737.1000[/size]
Take a peek the evening's spectacular menu. (Vegetarian versions also available.)

Hors d’oeuvres
Pates, fresh sausages, and pickled vegetables
Salmon lox canapé with lemon mousse

First Course
Erbensuppe – pea soup with ham

Second Course
Roast loin of pork with apples and prunes
White asparagus and potatoes or Root vegetable pie
Baskets of fresh baked rye and pumpernickel

Third Course
Baby greens with bleu cheese and walnuts

Fourth Course
Coffee & brandy
Schwarzwalter kirschtorte – Black forest cake

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Re: Fête for Ms. Eaglen at Sacramento Gala

Fourth Course
Coffee & brandy
[color=#BF0080][u][b]Schwarzwalter[/b][/u][/color] kirschtorte – Black forest cake

That sounds like a Meistersinger - inspired dessert!