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Wagner Bücher request

After some used book store browsing, I am still looking for these titles:

Bauer, Oswald Georg. Richard Wagner: The Stage Designs and Productions from the Premiers to the Present

Burbridge, Peter, and Sutton, Richard. The Wagner Companion

Cooke, Deryck; The Language of Music   I Saw the World End: A Study of Wagners Ring

Culshaw, John Reflections on Wagner’s “Ring”

Dahlhaus, Carl Richard Wagner’s Music Dramas

DiGaetani, John L., ed. Penetrating Wagners Ring

Ghiselin, Brewster; The Creative Process

Goldman, Robert and Evert Sprinchorn. Wagner on Music and Drama

Gregor-Dellin, Martin Richard Wagner: His Life, His Work, His Century

Gutman, Robert W. Richard Wagner: The Man, His Mind, and His Music.

Kerman, Joseph; Opera as a Drama

Loomis, Gertrude; Tristan and Isolt: A Study of the Sources of Romance

Lloyd-Jones, Hugh Blood for Ghost: Classical Influences in the Nineteenth and 20thCenturies

Magee, Bryan Aspects of Wagner   Richard Wagner and the Nibelungs

Mann, Thomas Pro and Contra Wagner

Millington, Barry Wagner

Osborne, Charles. The World Theatre of Wagner

Rather, L.J. The Dream of Self-Destruction: Wagners Ring and the Modern World

Sabor, Rudolph. The Real Wagner

Spencer, Stewart. Wagner’s “Ring of Nibelung”: A Companion

Spencer, Stewart and Millington, Barry Selected Letters of Richard Wagner

Spotts, Frederic. Bayreuth

Wagner, Richard, The Nibelung’s Ring Trans. F. Jameson, London 1896

Wagner, Richard. The Ring of Nibelung: Vocal Scores   Schirmer Inc. 1906

Cheers, MuXter