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Wagner Society Award - Irene Dalis Vocal Competition 2009

The Annual Irene Dalis Vocal Competition 2009 in San José on Saturday May 16th. As most know, Irene Dalis was a great Wagnerian mezzo soprano who distinguished herself as a resplendent Kundry in Bayreuth.

The 10 singers who placed at the top of the Western Auditions for Singers were selected as the competitors in the Dalis Competition. Members who were in the audience report that it was tough choosing an individual singer from a group which was so extraordinarily talented. However the 2009 winner was baritone Jordan Shanahan.

Second Prize went to tenor Gregory Carroll who sang "Mein Lieber Schwan" from Lohengrin. He followed up with "Recitar-Vesti la Giubba" from Pagliacci. Mr. Carroll also won the Wagner Society of Northern California Grant, most likely because he was the ONLY individual who chose to sing from a work by Richard Wagner.
Gregory Carroll, who hails from the state of Washington, is a student of noted opera singers Vinson Cole and currently Jane Eaglen. Stands to reason he would sing some Wagner with Brünnhilde for a teacher.
Mr. Carroll will be participating in the prestigious Merola Program this summer so be on the lookout for this gifted tenor!

You will be able to say, "I heard him way back when . . . . "

FYI - The Wagner Society believes that in order to secure the future of Wagner in the world, you have to invest in those artists who have the desire to make a career of this repetory. So with that in mind the Board of Directors made the committment to present a $1000 Grant every year to the Irene Dalis Vocal Competiton to encourage the competitors to sing some of Wagner's music. If there isn't a competitor who sings within the Wagnerian fach, the prize would roll over for the next year. In the past two years the award has been made, tenor Scott Six winning last year. The Society has to give cash because no one stepped forward to give their daughter as a prize in the vocal competition.

Best to all and congratulations to Gregory Carroll

Flosshilde aka Terri