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Wagnerian Influences Anyone ? ? ?

Tickets are selling fast for all performances of West Bay Opera's Der Freischütz in February, 2010.

The opera hits the boards in just a few weeks and so Flosshilde just checked the website and found tickets are still available, there are still some up front and aisle seats left:

Feb 19th ~ 130
Feb 21st ~ 130
Feb 27th ~ 100 Which has been declared "Wagner Society Day" at West Bay Opera!
Feb 28th ~ 100

In a recent interview Musical Director José-Luis Moscovich spoke of von Weber as "the link in the chain from Gluck towards [b][color=#0040FF]Wagner[/color][/b]. The sound realm of his work presages Wagner so well. And it is so powerfully dramatic." Der Freischütz is frequently performed in Germany, has been mounted by the San Francisco Opera in 1964 (Spring Opera) and 1985 (concert version). Says Moscovich:"I'm excited about doing it, as you can probably tell, but I am even more excited about giving the folks in the Peninsula, especially our loyal audiences of many years, a chance to truly discover it and see what a tremendous impact it can make on people when they see it onstage, as opposed to just listening to a CD.”

Don't miss out on this rare opportunity to see and hear a gem of an opera.