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WSNC Grant Winner Releases a CD

WSNC Grant Winner and rising Wagnerian super star, helden tenor Simon O'Neill has released a CD of Wagner scenes. Titled Wagner Father and Son: scenes and arias, the CD is yet to be released in the US, but is available in European markets.

O'Neill recently sang the title role in Lohengrin at Houston Grand Opera - garnering critical acclaim.

Perhaps the book kiosk at an upcoming WSNC meeting will have a supply . . . . .

P.S. O'Neill was also a graduate of the San Francisco Opera Center Merola Program, which led him to the attention of the Wagner Society Grant Committee

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Re: WSNC Grant Winner Releases a CD

Flosshilde got her flippers on a copy of this CD. While I wouldn't call it a CD for the ages, there are certainly a lot of things to recommend it.
First of all, Simon O'Neill's voice has really developed over the past 4-5 years. The top of his vocal range has very free and unrestrained quality with a bright and silvery tone. Also, he shamelessly and thrillingly holds on to his cries of "Walse, Walse" for what seems like eternity.
In terms of his diction, and this is a studio recording, he is reminiscent of Ben Heppner with lots of rolled r's. The diction is clear and passionate.
If I were to suggest who he most reminds me of - presently singing - I would say he sounds quite similar to Torsten Kerl, who I happen to really like.
Also on the CD briefly are John Tomlinson and Susan Bullock - both sounding much less youthful than Mr. O'Neill.
The New Zealand Orchestra plays well but the tempi are far too sluggish for me.

So if you'd like a nice CD of Wagner tenor scenes and don't have one now - I would recommend it.